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Unless you're already getting the results you want on the water, you're going to need to change something! That's where Sailjuice can help.

Packed full of advice, tips and tricks from nearly 50 of the sailing greats, this simple little ebook, Sail Different, is guaranteed to bring some fresh ideas to your sailing.

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Raise Your Game with help from the Sailing Greats

Hi, I’m Andy Rice.

For the past 25 years, I've worked as a sailing journalist, reporting at races across the globe and interviewing sailors at the top of their game. The question always at the back of my mind - as I ask the world's best what they do - is 'what can I take from their feedback that I can apply to MY sailing and to YOU and YOUR sailing, the keen racing sailor and member of the Sailjuice community?'

I've sailed and campaigned with some of the best, and to be on board observing and watching what they do... well, not only has it been a privilege but more importantly I've learned that there are only a few things that require innate talent. The vast majority of the things that the best sailors do differently from the rest of us are very capable of being replicated, and turned into skills that we can develop for our own benefit and self-improvement.

Our goal at Sailjuice is to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and help get you to the the next level. To make average sailors into great ones, and great ones into champions.

If you're looking to sail faster (even when you miss the chance to sail!), you're in the right place. Make sure to download the ebook Sail Different, above. It's free, but some of the 49 tips in it are priceless...

If you want to...

Sail faster round the track
Gain control of your boat
Improve each and every week

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...then you're in the right place

"My Knowledge Has Increased Substantially..."

"I think the site is brilliant!!! I believe that knowledge is more important than material things in sailing. I'll happily buy a book for a tenner or do a day's coaching for 50 quid just to pick up one thing.

But already after going through only a few articles on Sailjuice I believe my knowledge has increased substantially. I have spent five times that on the odd day's coaching and learnt nothing like as much."

Jim Downer, RS400 sailor, Cowes

Access to the top sailors is what sets Sailjuice apart from most other 'go faster' advice in the sailing world...
Below are some of the events and publications I've been involved with over the years while travelling the globe.