Choni in her itchy mask

17 March 2020

Andy Rice talks to Choni Lin who is 'crawling up the walls' after two months of self-isolation in Shenzhen, the tech capital of China. Andy and Choni worked together at last November's sailing regatta, the China Cup. But the chances of that happening this year look slim. A self-confessed 'social animal' who loves being around people, Choni shares her tips for how to save yourself from going stir-crazy in your own company, how it is actually possible to exhaust your viewing options on Netflix, and what disappeared off the shelves from Chinese supermarkets when panic first struck. And no, it wasn't toilet roll!

If you haven't got the time or inclination to watch the whole 30 minutes on Youtube, you can..



00:00 Introduction
05:07 Life in China over the past two months
08:56 The current situation in China
11:14 Toilet roll, rice and panic buying
15:00 Comparing different government approaches
19:43 Isolation and mental health
24:30 The impact on business