Since the IMOCA60s were announced as being one of the two classes for the Ocean Race in 2022 there has been plenty of speculation about how a breed of boats designed to be sailed single handed would work when sailed by a full crew. How much harder could they be pressed, how much faster would they go and would these notoriously fragile machines be able to stand up to a new level of intensity? The Ocean Race Europe not only delivered some of the answers, but sparked a new round of debate when an older, non-foiling boat, Offshore Team Germany led the new foiling machines around the course. Annie Lush was one of the crew and her views are especially interesting given her background. She is an experienced Olympic sailor as well as having twice raced around the world on a fully crewed VO65. She explains how she sees the differences between the two worlds and how many of the top sailors are only just starting to get to grips with a new style of offshore sailing. It's new territory for all.