48 North Editor Joe Cline chats with accomplished sailor, sailmaker, and sail designer, Dan Kaseler, about some of the nuances and evolutions of aysmmetrical spinnaker design and trim for both racers and cruisers.

“I’d guess people are over-trimming their spinnakers as much as 80% of the time.”

After a few recent races with very smart sailors who were asking an asymmetrical spinnaker trimmer to sail with no luff curl, my wheels were turning. This was a little different than how I had been taught to trim an a-sail, but maybe the advice is changing over time?

More boats, new and old, are forgoing traditional symmetrical spinnaker and pole systems for asymmetrical spinnakers, so this topic could be relevant from sailors across the range of activities and boat designs. We hope you’ll enjoy this conversation with Dan Kaseler, owner of Quantum Sails Seattle and Raptor Deck, as he shares his thoughts on the nuances surrounding this question.