With American Magic, New York Yacht Club is challenging the current America’s Cup Defender, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. If successful, it will not only be a great victory, but also a nod to the club’s fearless sailors who first won the America’s Cup in 1851 and successfully defended it 24 times over a period of 126 years.

It’s a quest that will be fueled by teamwork and trust. As sailor Nick Dana says: “Daily problem solving with an extremely talented group is the backbone of American Magic. The shared experience of taking on challenges together is what builds trust and what determines the success of the team.”

The American Magic crew knows that trust is not given lightly, that it needs to be built through rigor, resilience and experience, that it is earned through time. They also know that when trust is tested beyond doubt, they will truly be able to master the Defiant and have a shot at the trophy. They know that every role is important, that every small task counts, that everyone must be willing and able to put in the work. A crew like this one isn’t months in the making, it’s years.

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