Nobody has ever been faster than this man on a sailboat. Australian Paul Larsen, extreme sailor and the fastest sailor on earth, talks to Stephen Brayshaw from Ronstan...



2:04 - What it feels like to travel at 65.45 knots: "Like sticking your head out the window of your car, you know, at 75 mile an hour..."

13:53 - "We hit the peak speed of the run, which is 68.3 knots, which is just under 80 mile an hour and see the beam flying how high the beams flying out there that the end of the run. It was actually creating that much apparent that it was generating that much lift and I was out of my control range to slow down, so I stopped the run because the boat was actually rolling into windward."

15:33 - "This guy filmed it for the first time we ever saw it from the air, that we're down there filming Mad Max at the same time. So this drone pilot gave us a hand here. But I love that shot. Because when we designed this boat, we were saying that's gonna put out a rooster tail like 60 foot out the back and you can see the rainbow in it. It's just, that's, that was the icing on the cake. Seeing that shot."

21:55 - "I'm getting to the stage now, where I'm really hoping someone comes and rattles the cage..."